Fairy Book

Here’s my favorite project from the holidays – a Book of Fairies for granddaughter Lily, using Michael Miller fabric based on Cicely Mary Barker prints.  I saw the fabric at Quilting Adventures, and had to buy it.  I’d found some based on her prints five to six years ago, but have barely a scrap left and hadn’t seen any since.  This material has nice 7″x9″ panels of the fairies in three different colorways.  You can see the whole collection here: Michael Miller

Time was a bit short, so I decided to make a book for Lily instead of a quilt.  (Maybe that will come next?)  I selected four of the fairies  for flowers I thought she’d be most likely to see and ironed Wonder Under on the back of them.  From my copy of The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker, I found the poems corresponding to each fairy (except the one for the back of the book), typed them into Word and printed them on fusible cotton.

Allowing 8″x10″ for each side of a page of the book, I took a long narrow piece of canvas ( 8″x70″) and sealed one side of  it with gesso, and marked where the pages should fold.  Then for each page spread I ironed  the poem and the fairy print facing each other and stitched around them with decorative stitching.  Then folded up the pages, accordian style.

For the binding, I fused DecorBond to a strip of floral fabric, trimmed the short edges of the canvas strip, and stitched the binding to those short edges.  Next I stitched each of the inner folds to the binding, using a zipper foot.  Wonder of wonders, a book!  To finish it, I stitched around each folded page. 

Does that make sense?  The top and bottom edges of the book are unfinished and add texture.  For only five pages, it’s hefty, but Lily was suitably impressed! (only three of the four faries are shown above)


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