Beaded Button and Stuffed Bird

These are two of the other classes I took New Year’s Day at Quilting Adventures – a beaded button, and a stuffed bird!

For the beaded button, we started with a metal two piece make-it-yourself covered button.  We traced around the top of the button on our base fabric, drew a curved line across the resulting circle as a guide for beading, then put the fabric in a small hoop.  Once we’d covered the fabric circle with beads, we took the fabric out of the hoop and ran a gathering stitch around the circle, a quarter inch out.  Then trimmed a scant quarter inch outside the stitching and covered the metal button with the beaded fabric.  Ta Da!

After I’d covered the button, I went back along the edge and added the bugle beads.  I think our teacher did something similar with her sample, just using small beads.  Then I stitched my button to a yo yo and added a pin back.  May have to make another one…

I thought when I signed up for the bird class that we were making a felt bird like I’ve seen in Cloth Paper Scissors.  But I liked what we did – you can see the pattern above, which is available from

In addition to the bird, we added an embellished felt bead on a silk ribbon for the hanger.  When I got my bird home, I had to add a feather to her crest, and may bead a bit as well.  Fun stuff!


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