I’m thrilled with my new camera!  Canon PowerShot SX110 IS, 10X optical zoom, 9 mega pixels.  It’s a little smaller and lighter than my 2003 Olympus Camedia C-4000 zoom with more up-to-date capabilities.  It takes 2 AA batteries, instead of 4, and also has a small watch-type battery to maintain date info.  One of the few criticisms I saw on it was that zooming was noisy, but I haven’t noticed that.  In fact, I find it helpful, as it lets you know when you’ve passed over from optical to digital zoom – the latter is soundless.  The zoom is my favorite feature – check out the bird photos I was able to get this weekend!

The Broad Winged Hawk swoped across in front of us as we drove down the block to our house, so at Tim’s insistance we walked back up with the tripod and camera.  He sat still up in the tree for a long time, then flew off to another neighbor’s tree.  She popped her head out the door to see what we were up to, and commented that she frequently enjoys watching them cavort around the stream and woods behind her house.

The swans were on Woodland Pond in Chesterfield early Saturday morning.  The Canada geese were not happy about sharing the water, but I was thrilled to see the beautiful white birds.


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