A Downsizing Success

In the way of timeless treasures, gyroscopes, Care Bears, and My Little Ponies have held their appeal.  Did you know there’s even a MLP video?!  I didn’t, until I witnessed both grandkids ecstatically watching, for the fourth time the same afternoon. 

One of our early empty-nest Spring’s, I went thru all the toys abandoned in paper bags and topless boxes in the attic.  After ruthless culling and hauling of a carload of boxes to Salvation Army, I organized and cataloged what remained, then shoved it back up there.  Where its been for quite some time now. Meanwhile, the kidlings married, had kidlings of their own. 

Last evening, the kids and gkids came by and daughter Julia wondered if we still had her MLPs?  Of course! Clutching the index I braved the attic and hauled down the trove of 11 little plastic creatures with flowing tails and manes.  Julia was thrilled, Lily was thrilled, I was very pleased with myself.  Somehow J knew which ones were hers – four My Little Ponies, out of here!  Along with a couple of pom poms and Sarah, the plastic dinosaur puppet. 

Life is good.


3 responses to “A Downsizing Success

  1. Make sure she didn’t take cotton candy, the pink one with no tail!

  2. It’s “Cera” like triceratops? Land Before Time!

  3. Cotton Candy is still here, minus the tail. And thanks for the word on ‘Cera’ – no wonder I couldn’t find her on the web!

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