Winter Wanderings

I’m trying to get back into workout/walk mode, but its challenging when all I want to do is snuggle up in a quilt!  Cold weather does that to me. 

Sunday, however, I went out for an afternoon stroll and took my camera.  The clouds were puffy and almost overcast – portent of the precipitation to come.  Instead of doing the 2-mile loop of the neighborhood (too boring), I ambled down to the bordering woods to Lake Sweetwater. 

That’s what some of the older residents call the replacement wetlands built when the expressway came thru.  The lake was very quiet, aside from a hound that joined me and snuffled all around the banks looking for unwary geese.  They were smart enough to stay well out in the water! 

I’d hoped to catch sight of the beavers who’ve built a dam and lodge on the lake, but didn’t even see any fresh chompings.  Maybe when the weather warms up…


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