Estate Sale Finds and Bird Boxes

“So, what have you been doing?”  I always struggle with an answer to that question – my tongue freezes and my mind goes blank.  Maybe that’s one reason I enjoy this blog – I can easily look back and see what I’ve been up to!

Friday afternoon I caught an estate sale – one of my favorite things to do.  The season is just getting started, so there was only one to check out, but it was a good one. 

A bit of background: Once upon a time, around 1999, when I was working non-stop on Y2K IT preparations, I found a BurgerKing toy of Goofy and his nephew Gilbert in an inner tube.  They looked so laid back, I bought it to remind me that someday I would be retired and able to float down the river at will.  I kept the talisman in my silver Escort wagon.  When we upgraded to the Maxima and passed the wagon to our daughter, she insisted Goofy had to come with it.  Sigh.

So then I found another of the rubber toys!  So Goofy and Gilbert have perched on my dashboard now for several years, although sadly this Goofy has been minus his nose. 

Oh well, I’m retired now and the reality doesn’t shine as brightly either.  But Friday at the sale I found a third Goofy and Gilbert, completely intact, no charge for the dust!  Small pleasures!

I also came across a folk doll that sparked my interest in revamping the dolls I’ve been making for the Market.  This one is signed Michelle Castle, 1989 on the back. Its sitting on the sewing table waiting for pattern analysis and modification.

It’s a bit crowded on the table, however, as I’ve also been working on boxes for the Charming Birdies I made in January.  With help of the resident packaging engineer, we came up with a design that’s working very well.  The prototype was made from an old pizza box – corrogated cardboard – not the best choice of material.  Next iteration used old shirt box cardboard, which did nicely, particarly once covered with wrapping paper.  Now just need to craft a display stand from a tree branch…

Keep creating!


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