Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival!

I may have to switch quilt chapters.  Thursday I tagged along with the Hospitality Quilters on their bus trip to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Virginia.  We were walking into the Convention Center, with wristbands already in place at 9:45 am – after a delightful early morning chatter with quilting buddies and without having to drive, park, or stand in line! 

The machine quilting was even more sophisticated than last year, and faded into the background of the excellent design and color work.  I was afraid after the trip to the Houston International Show last fall I would be jaded, and not appreciate the Mancuso show.  But that wasn’t the case – it’s just the right size for a day trip, with plenty of inspiration and great shopping opportunities.  And I got to visit with so many quilting friends, and even my Aunt from Palmyra!!

My personal favorite was the quilt shown above, My Buddy and Me, by Barbara Barrick McKie.  I’ve included her notes for your info.  Over the next few posts I’ll put up some of the other great quilts we saw – traditional and innovative.  Enjoy!  Even better, if you get the chance, go to the Festival!!

Then this morning, as I was taking an out of the ordinary breakfast break at Micky D’s, one of the ladies from the bus came in and we compared notes.  Their president who organized the bus trip is stepping down this year, but they’ve added a new position for the chapter: travel coordinator!  That’s my kind of group.


One response to “Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival!

  1. that quilting must have taken hours on hours!! Love the rocks and texture she created! and the closely colored monochrome palette!

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