MAQF – Traditional

Here’s one of the ribbon winners from Mid Atlantic – all hand appliqued and quilted.  Very traditional appearance, but whimsy and originality in the details.  Check out that cow! 

In the detail phot, the bricks on the barn, individually deliniated stitch by stich, remind me of a painting by Andrew Wyeth.  That painting, Tenant Farmer, done in 1961, shows a brick building in the snow with a deer carcass hanging from a tree.  In a similar manner he carefully painted the mortar between all the bricks.  Scrool down on this page and you’ll see a copy of the painting:


2 responses to “MAQF – Traditional

  1. I love your work, especially the Barn and Cow.

    • Thanks for your comment! However, I can’t claim these quilts as my work (wish I could!) – they’re from the Mid Atlantic Quilt show.

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