Surprise Visits

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I can’t believe it’s March already, and safely past the Ides at that.  So I thought I’d better post these pix from surprise visits in February, before another month slips away.

Cousin Tim lives in Aurora, near Chicago, and was headed to a temporary contract job in North Carolina.  Fortuantely he called to let us know he was coming, so we were able to invite him and mom June to join Eunice, Pat and me for lunch.  It was serendipity – the three of us had been talking about getting together for a year (we live within miles of each other), and then when we did more family came as well!!  We all had a great time catching up!

Later in February hubby Tim’s sister Susan made a flying trip from the wilds of Missouri, and we were able to stop briefly at our daughter’s on the way from the airport.  So she got to meet Eli and Lily, and we had a chance to visit with her as well.

Family is good.


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