Yesterday I received in the mail a copy of FiberArts Magazine.  Hmmm.  There was a card slipped in it thanking me for my Valentine fiber art post card submission.  Very nice of them.  I didn’t think anything more about it, tho I did stash it in my reading bag.

Last evening after doing the grandmotherly sitter thing and convincing Eli and Lily that it really was time to go to bed, I flipped thru the magazine…

Let’s step back a moment or two in time.  There’s a little town in Virginia called Valentine.  For many years (and they may still do it), you could bundle up all your valentines in an envelope, send them to Valentine, Virginia, and they would postmark them with their unique postmark and send them on to your loved ones.  I did once upon a time, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  A few of the recipients even noticed the postmark!

Fast forward to January of 2009: QuiltingArts put out a call for Valentine fabric postcards on the theme of Share the Love.  They would take them to the post office of Loveland, Colorado to be forwarded with their special postmark!  Had to do it.  I had great fun.  There were prizes for the winners, but I didn’t expect to win, and in line with expectations, I didn’t.  Which was fine.

Back to last night. I realized the FiberArts magazine I held in my hands was the issue with the postcards; I started checking them out.  Mine was one of them!!!  Out of 300 or so, it was one of 15 they chose to include in the magazine!  So cool!!  You can see a slide show of all the entries at   Enjoy!


One response to “Surprise!

  1. Congratulations! I enjoyed flipping through the pages of FiberArts. Your card is absolutely the most creative.

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