A WWII Veteran and the Scottsville Museum

While my parents and I were in Scottsville last Saturday, my father and I visited the Scottsville Museum.  This is a wonderful intimate building which currently has up an exhibit on Scottsville and World War II.  Interviews with local veterans are available along with an exhibit on the homefront, and war romances.  My father is one of the veterans highlighted!  The exhibit will run thru this summer.  Hours and information on the museum may be found at http://avenue.org/smuseum/home.html 

Its worth a visit to this small town – and you can do lunch at Lumpkins!

While we were in town I checked on the three Transporation Series letterboxes I placed there in 2004.  (information on this excellent hobby may be found at http://letterboxing.org/) One of the boxes was missing, one had been flooded and the log book damaged, and the third was in good condition.  Sadly I removed both remaining boxes and retired them from the letterboxing website clue list.  I’ve notified the Museum – if they decide to take them over, I’ll recarve the missing stamp and make up new log books. 

Meanwhile, I’m contemplating possible Richmond sites!


One response to “A WWII Veteran and the Scottsville Museum

  1. How very proud your father must have been to see his bit of history included in the museum exhibit. I’ll have to consider a summer visit to Scottsville.

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