Joy of Grandkids

Last week we had the opportunity to watch grandkids Eli and Lily – so off to the community park!  Grandpa turned over logs and rocks for them as they hunted for bugs – pickings were slim so we ambled on to the tennis courts where a couple of teenagers were practicing their skateboard moves.  Eli was fascinated, and eager to get very up close.  Fortunately Grandpa to the rescue, and we all moved behind the chainlink fence to spectate.

We headed back to the playground, planning to walk back home, when we encountered two young boys thrilled to find playmates!  The younger had a wad of playdough, which he graciously shared.  Tim modeled a train and cars, which were admired and then promptly wadded back up for ease of carrying around in a fist. 

The older boy enjoyed playing with the soccer ball, and came very close to getting it in the basket a couple of times, while the other three ran around the blacktop area, a lot.  Their mother commented they were very happy that evening, and slept well!


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