Love of Cats

I’ve loved cats as long as I can remember.  They’re soft, they purr, they play with you, they’re fun to chase, and a challenge to catch.  They even keep the premises free of rodents, when they feel like it. 

I got my first cat when I was 2 1/2 years old, a grey tabby that attacked me from behind every tree in the avocado orchard.  I remember chasing her over the picnic tables in a park, laughing all the way.

Louise was our nanny cat – she raised both our daughters, then when they could fend for themselves she went to her reward.  Now we have a very snarly cat that never wants to be held, barely ever purrs, and has selective memory regarding the location of the litterbox.  She does like laps, will chase with the best of them, and gives me five with either paw – when she’s in the mood.

Now my daugher has five adorable new kittens…


One response to “Love of Cats

  1. It sounds like you may have the option of another cat. Perhaps this one will be more amiable.
    We’re cat lovers, too. Our present cat, CeCe, gives us tons of laughs and delights us by snuggling in the evening. Unfortunately, we’re battling fleas right now, but winning… Ah, the joys of warmer weather.

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