House Finch Story

Faithful readers may remember that a couple of years ago we had a family of House Finches nesting in our porch light.  Once they’d finished with their last clutch, we cleaned it out and blocked their entrance.  The next Spring they came flutting about again, so Bird Lover built them a shelf behind the light.  That didn’t work out, as the grass kept falling out.  The wrens went elsewhere that season.  So then he put sides on it, and this Spring they decided it would do. 

Above you can see photo’s from their first brood!  The momma wren lays an egg a day until she gets up to five, then she starts sitting on them.  This time, she got up to five.  Then the next morning there were only 4!  Oh no.  The next morning there were five again – but one of them did not match.  BL did some web research, and determined a cow bird had slipped one past momma wren.  We never did identify a different looking baby bird – so don’t know if it hatched with the others.  Several weeks later I took the last photo show above – then leaned closer to see if I could count the birds.  They all flew off at once!  That was it for the first nestful.

Last week she started again – one egg a day.  She’d gotten up to four.  The next morning, they were all gone!!  No signs of egg shells or anything.    Thinking back, my husband remembered hearing some scuffling late the night before. We suspect there may have been an owl attack.  Sigh.  Maybe they’ll try again.


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