Sewing on the Porch



My plan for the week in the mountains was to spend time working on the projects I never seem to focus on here at home.  Surprise – I didn’t focus any better away from day to day distractions –  I found numerous other distractions!  I did, however, make a new purse, draft and sew a flip doll, stitch a couple rejected prototypes, and mark pieces for three flower bags.  It was blissful sitting on the porch in the shade with cool breezes flowing past.

In cruising the mountain thrift stores I found a pair of black jeans on discount for $1.50, and a black twill belt for $1.00.  Cut off the jeans for capris and use the pants bottoms and belt, along with some blackberry fabric I brought with me, to make a berry bag!  Its a bit bigger than the small purse I’d been carrying that wasn’t big enough for my camera, yet smaller than the more formal pocketbook I use in the winter.  Just right!

As a parked at the third thrift market in Franklin, I found myself right in front of a quilt store!!  Found a 30’s reproduction fat quarter in a pink/peach color with kittens and puppies on it, which became the dress for a newly designed flip doll.  Worked on the doll at the Rickman Store market Friday afternoon (see Dan Springs blog – link on sidebar), finished it at the Bryson City market Saturday morning, and it promptly sold!  So no photo – sorry.

Keep sewing!


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