Working in the Studio

I’m working on clearing out my sewing studio, with the goal of being able to open out the hid-a-bed by the end of the month. (company’s coming!)  So yesterday finished three journal covers with matching bags for the Dan Springs Collection.  I’ve very pleased with them – we’ll see if they sell.  The journals have done well – the matching bags are new.  Next up – machine quilting Lily’s daisy quilt.

I’ve also been playing with my BD toy – a new Ipod Touch!!   I’ve loaded a free audio book from LibreVox (thanks to pointers from our daughter); loaded some photos; downloaded Docs To Go from Itunes and synched my Excel and Word address lists; and synched calendar and contacts with Google.  Oh, and even loaded some music, Memory Almost Full, Paul McCartney.  Very handy, and wifi capable for accessible networks within range.


One response to “Working in the Studio

  1. what is different about “touch” from reg. ipod?

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