Hand Crank Cash Registers

I was mildly surprised when I saw my first handcrank cash register this summer in Hiawassee, Georgia – it was the original cash register, still in use, at Noblet’s 5 and 10.  Then I saw another one in use at the Highland Inn in Monterey earlier this month.  Word on that one was it probably came originally from an automotive establishment, as the built-in tabs referred to things like ‘oil change’, etc.  When I saw the third one yesterday, I knew I had to share the photos.  I’m not sure if the one at Clarie’s at the Depot Restaurant in Warrenton, VA is still in operation – however, it was definately on display.

On another topic, you may have noticed that today I’ve added a new page to this blog – Recent Reads.  Check it out!


One response to “Hand Crank Cash Registers

  1. Something about those old cash registers creates a longing in me for simplicity lost. I probably use my computer way too much, but given the chance I think I’d surrender it. Wouldn’t I?

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