Smoky Mountain Art Retreat

Our five days in the moutains were full of fun, family, art and adventure.  Andrew Goldsworthy was our feature artist – I’d heard of him, and seen a couple of his rock installations, but I gained I new appreciation.  He doesn’t have a website – check Wiki for info:

As always it was a delight to be in the mountains, particularly as we had excellent weather.  The season was just tipping to fall, and a couple of nights were rather cool. Apples were just right for frying. We had a family lunch on Tuesday and our cousins and aunts brought delicious food of all descriptions.

We visited with Arnold of Smoky B’s honey and learned about capturing swarms and making the most of the brief sourwood season. We toured Bryson City and Franklin, and make a stop at the Mason Mine gem store on route 28. 

And everyday we worked at water colors, conte crayon drawings, fabric art and environmental sculpture.  It was a grand time, a satisfying interlude, a rejuvenation of the resiliant resources of art. Thanks to my sister for making it happen!


One response to “Smoky Mountain Art Retreat

  1. great summary!! hard to distill so much activity into just a few words – well done! I may just reference it as a link whenever I get time to update my languishing blog…

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