Ashland’s Gallery 606

Last Tuesday the Fedites, an informal group of Federal Reserve retirees from the class of 2004, did Ashland!  Our excuse was a show by Ann Ayer, one of our number, that was hanging at Gallery 606.  We discussed taking the train from Richmond, but decided to carpool.  (may have to train it to Fredericksburg around Christmas!) 

The Gallery has been open six weeks – this is their second show.  I was pleased to see not only Ann’s work, but also several pieces by Bill Kendrick, my one-time water color teacher, along with several other artists.  The overall quality of the Gallery was very good.  Definately worth the trip.

Next we did lunch at Homemades by Susanne – delicious!  And we saw several trains thunder down the middle of mainstreet to the station as we sat and chatted. 

The owner of Gallery 606 also has a jewlery store in town.  Jewlery isn’t one of my main interests so I wasn’t jumping at the chance to visit, but I was delightfully surprised.  Susannah Wagner and her fellow artisans design and craft custom jewlery.  Lovely intricate pieces, many fairy tale and seashell inspired.  Check it out next time you’re at the Center of the Universe.

Time for ice cream!  We strolled back across the tracks to the local ice cream store, where we enjoyed our favorite sundaes and another extended chat session.  Finally we headed home.  A good day.


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