Montpelier – Country Quilters Show

Yesterday representatives of the Bags quilting group took a field trip to the Monpelier Center for Arts and Education.  This is wonderfully renovated old county schoolhouse that serves as the library and cultural center for the area.  The Country Quilters, a chapter of the Richmond Guild that meets in the building, have up a 20 year retrospective of their work.  The show is excellent – it helps that members of the chapter are some of the most talented quilters in the Richmond metropolitan area. 

My favorite was Tie One On by Estelle Porter.  You may be familiar with her amazingly detailed home portraits that she does on commission.  I’ve seen numerous tie quilts, but this one is very original and caught my fancy.  Maybe there’s hope for the suitcase full of ties languishing in the closet…

Montpelier is a charming wide spot in the road out Staples Mill Road/route 33 northwest of Richmond.  The feel is very rural, tho they do have a brand new tastefully done strip mall where we dined at the Bamboo Chinese Restaurant. There’s a general store with Amish cheeses and a hardware store that appear to be in original 19th or early 20th century buildings and a lovely white frame church with graveyard.  A pleasant 1/2 day trip from town.


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