Six Word Biography

Our Virgina Consortium of Quilters Post card swap theme this time is ‘a six-word biography’.  Fortunately its not due til the end of November, as I’m still struggling.  Try it – post comments!

Possibles so far (can you guess which ones come from the resident poet?!):

Marine bred, red on the head.

Planting flowers along the yellow-brick road.

Seeking solutions to the time equation.

Born red, well fed, not dead.

Red one day, now I’m gray.

Experienced not weathered, flighty not feathered.

Still married after all these years.

Almost normal, still crazy about cats.


3 responses to “Six Word Biography

  1. those are great!! I like “time equation”, how bout:
    “red head questioning the time equation” or “time turns redhead into wise heart”?

  2. Number Two cheated. Nice try, though.
    Hope-filled worship amidst chaotic distraction.

  3. Julia, Good six word comment, and I like your bio!(Hyphenated counts as one.) DK, Still playing with time…

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