Virginia State Fair!

I love the Fair!  That said, it was a different experience this year at the new location just down the road from Kings Dominion.  Navigating was no longer second nature – I had to check the map on several occasions.  Many of the buildings are temporary – of course, such as the one where the quilt show was hung in murky lighting.  The one huge permanent exhibition building with excellent lighting and wide aisles was turned over to consumer exhibits, rather than housing the quilting and crafts as I would have done.  Guess that’s why I’m not in charge. 

We checked out the winning pumpkin, all 1,057 pounds worth, and watched the momma cow lick her 30 minute old newborn calf.  The Legendary Santa(s) were there, in summer guise – shorts and Christmas themed Hawaiian shirts!  The flowing beards gave them away! 

It was a lovely sunny fall Sunday and the crowds were still building as we left around 3:30 pm. Fortunately there’s plenty of parking with shuttles running one behind the other.  Next time I’ll go during the week.


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