Virtual Studio Tour!

I love the light in my sewing studio – early in the morning the sun floods in and anything seems possible!  In the evening when I turn off the lamps, the glow-in-the-dark stars that dear daughter 1 cast across the ceiling when it was still her bedroom glimmer like all the wonders of heaven.  In between times, I have at my fingertips all the tools and materials I need to create and space to do it in.

My main studio is 11′ 8″ x 10′ 11″ with two windows and a large closet.  On the other side of the wall is the Annex (previously known as dear daughter 2’s bedroom), a library and planning retreat.  It’s 10’7″ by 13’x2″, also with two windows and a large closet.  When we need a guest room, the couch folds out to a bed.  If we need a second guest room, I wave the transformation wand over the studio, collapse the sewing table, and fold out the couch in that room. 

I’ve included overview and detail photos of the studio, and overview photos of the annex.  If you click on a photo, you’ll get a larger version and an expanded caption.  Enjoy the tour!  Leave a comment!  Thanks for coming by!


9 responses to “Virtual Studio Tour!

  1. i so loved the tour of your creative space…it is beautiful…please come see mine when you have a chance…i am having a giveaway…hugs, rebecca

  2. It looks like such a warm and inviting space — thanks for sharing.

  3. Ooh, I love the suitcase storage! Looks great and is very functional. And, I also love your fairy art. Stop by and visit my virtual studio tour and we’ll share a cup of virtual tea!

  4. Lovely studio! I really enjoyed my visit. The vintage suitcases are a wonderful idea and I loved seeing your collection of cab cards and the work from your daughters. Thanks you for inviting us!
    Mary Anne

  5. Great photos, sis! Love your feline director 🙂 What studios did you like best? I don’t have time to look at that looooong list of links!!

  6. What a great studio!!!

  7. It looks so cozy & comfortable. So glad you caught your feline friend in one of the photos! Aren’t pets great? Thanks for sharing your studio with us.

  8. HI! Another wonderful cozy inspiring Studio! I love all the details you have in there! Enjoy creating! Smiles, Anke 😉

  9. Nice space! Beautiful Feline Attachment too :- )

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