Virginia Fall Fiber Festival

Hope you had a chance to see some of the studios on the virtual tour!  For those of you still making the circuit, scroll down to the next entry for a tour of mine…

This past weekend the Fall Fiber Festival and Montpelier Sheep Dog Trials was held at Montpelier Station in Orange County, Virginia.  I drove up on Sunday and had a pleasant time watching the dogs move sheep on command, learning about shearing, and shopping the vendor booths. 

I learned that the lanolin in the sheep’s wool is water soluable – which is why the fellow shearing the sheep frequently dipped his shears in water.  The water dissolved the lanolin and lubricated the shears.  He said he typically uses electric shears, but for demonstrations its easier to bring the manual set.  The particular sheep I watched him clip was significantly past due for a trim. The wool next to the skin had felted in many places which he said necessitated the manual shears anyway.

Click here for more info on the festival.  Dates for next year are October 2 & 3, 2010.


One response to “Virginia Fall Fiber Festival

  1. Came here due to Studio Tour but loved reading about the FFF; haven’t been in a few years and it’s always so much fun!

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