Back Yard Wandering

Yesterday morning was cool and sunny (as opposted to this morning, which is sunny and chill).  I finished photographing a recently completed quilt on the deck then wandered into the back yard to check on my impatients and herb wheelbarrow.  The seedpod for the impatients is very similar to the touch-me-not, also known as jewel weed, and gives a satisfying pop! when pinched.  So after I popped all the plump seedpods I strolled a bit further and discovered a shrub with umbrels of bright red berries on the back fence!!  From my Shurbs in Color by A.G.L. Hellyer, it looks like it might be a Virburnum opulus compactum, but I can’t tell for sure.  The other intriguing seedpod shown in the photo I’d seen before, but don’t know what it’s called either.  I’ve sent both photos off to my master gardener friend – hopefully she can identify them!


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