Trip to the Country

Saturday I drove my parents to Scottsville to check on the progress of my cousin’s log home.  He started out in 2004 planning to do all the work himself from a kit.  Everything was delivered to his site, high above the James River upstream from Scottsville.  It’s a beautiful location – with a view of the river and the mountains off the back deck!  He has done a lot of the work, but he’s hired help from time to time to try to move the effort along.  And now its almost done!  He’s hoping to move in this year!!

After a thorough tour of the construction, we adjourned to my aunt’s home (his mom) in Palmyra for a delicious lunch.  As we were getting ready to head back to Richmond, several of the local wildlife stopped by!  They were not nearly as thrilled to see them as I was – the deer devoured their garden this summer and continually destroy the landscaping.  Great photo op tho.


One response to “Trip to the Country

  1. nice nice – maybe i need to hire you to do my blog! can’t seem to get to it when I’m teaching…

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