Free Wicker

So I was just driving down the street, minding my own business, when this poor wicker chair cried out for rescue.  It was upside down in the trash can, and looked to be salvageable. I pulled over and did an inspection.  Frame didn’t look too bad.  Hauled out the cushion – yuck!  It was coated with black grime and damp.  Noticed at that point that the garbage truck had pulled up to the house next door – decision time.  I plopped the cushion in the chair and sprinted for my car. 

Digression: All kinds of things will fit in my car.  I cart the whole of the Dan Springs Collection vendor booth in it twice a month, not to mention other feats from time to time.  However,  on this day I was to pick up my granddaughter from preschool, so there was a child seat in the back.  Those things must be at least the size of an elephant. 

Back to our story: After several attempts, I admitted to myself that the wicker treasure was not going to fit in the back seat.  As I contemplated alternatives (drive slowly with the door open to the pool parking lot, maybe 500 yards, and stow for later retrieval; leave on the side of the road and go home for the truck; etc.), I tried the front passenger seat.  Success!

I was going to slip it up on the front porch for later refurbishing, but was caught in the act and banished to somewhere out of sight.  Later on the back porch I removed three layers of upholstery from the seat, and tried a quilt as a temporary fix.  Yes!  Check later for  continuation of the saga….


3 responses to “Free Wicker

  1. Cathy, you are definitely your fathers child!!!
    Good job! I love it!

  2. Hey, we just rescued the headboard to match!! Luckily, since we don’t have your magic expandable vehicle, it was only 2 houses down and Mercer carried it while I wrangled the dog. It is nice to have a spouse who also believes in recycling 🙂

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