Graves Mountain Lodge

Wednesday the Fedites, our informal group of retired Federal Reserve ladies, made an excursion to Graves Mountain Lodge, Syria, Virginia, for lunch.  It had been raining here steadily for two days, so I thought the trip might be rescheduled, but our fearless leader for this event was not deterred!  And I’m so glad – it was a lovely sunny day with dramatic clouds, and we had a wonderful time!

On the way up and back we stopped at the Tastee Freeze in Gordonsville – it used to be picnic tables under a roof, but now all is enclosed with an extensive menu.  Check it out if you’re traveling north from I64 on Virginia route 15.

Our other stop en route was at Yoder’s Country Store, fully stocked with any Menonnite food stuff you might crave.  At the farm next door, conveniently located next to the store parking lot, were goats, chickens, and a pen of turkeys!  Which is where I spent most of our short visit.  Store is on the right of route 230 heading north, just before you get to route 29.

Graves Mountain Lodge has been one of my favorite places since our high school MYF group spent a weekend there, in the days before time.  Meals are served family style and the food and service are first rate.  Doesn’t hurt that it’s just a few miles from Old Rag, one of Virgnia’s premier hike/rock scrambles. In the early 90’s our IT boss at the Bank took our management team to Graves Mountain Lodge for a planning session.  We actually did some planning, spent the night in the rustic rooms of one of the lodge accomodations, then climbed Old Rag the next morning! 

On this most recent trip, in addition to lunching at the lodge, we visited the Apple Barn and stocked up on fresh apples.  Also they had some very nice fresh gourds, at a good price, so I brought home a couple.  After lunch, as we were (eventually) leaving the dining room, we met up with three other couples just leaving – and two of them were Fed retirees!  Which required extended exchange of greetings and news.  In all an excellent trip.


2 responses to “Graves Mountain Lodge

  1. Sounds like lots of fun. I want to go there!

    • You’d love routes 230 and 231 – both are scenic byways of Virignia with lovely views at all times of the year, and intriguing shops. Graves Mountain Lodge is a comfortable day trip from Richmond – hope you get a chance to go one day!

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