Blue Muse Update

My piece for the VCQ Minds Wide Open challenge progresses!  These are my three practice pieces, and attempts to include the muse of Lyric Poetry, Erato.  She’s sometimes shown with a wreath of roses and myrtle in her hair, thus the rose petals. (In case you can’t tell what those pink specks are!)  Not sure which, or if any, of these approaches I will use.  I welcome your feedback!

Blue Muse Along the James

Here’s where the actual challenge entry stands.  I’ve done some of the quilting – more still to go.  The tree branches, like the muses in the practice quilts, were printed on organza prepared for inkjet printers, Extrav Organza by Jacquard.  I’ll do some stitching over them – not sure yet how much.


4 responses to “Blue Muse Update

  1. I like the “actual” piece without the muse! Does she have to appear? Could she be in the border or maybe a floating figure on a “gossamer” cord that can be visible or hidden behind the piece? That would give you options to retire her after the competition 🙂

  2. Love your piece, beautiful trees. Could she become part of the tree? Or is that too surreal for you?

    • Hmmm… part of the tree. That would work. I’m leaning toward the version with the muse standing under the tree. If I were more confident of my sketching ability I could work her into the tree. We’ll see.

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