New Handcrank, Bur Oak, and VCQ

This has been an exciting week – at least for me!  On Wednesday I drove my mom to Charlottesville for a luncheon with her friends – 23 of them!  Our hostess had mentioned this Summer that she had a handcrank sewing machine on which her mother had made all her clothes.  She showed it to me last week – a bit neglected, but salvagable.  I asked her what she was going to do with it, and she replied “give it to you”!  You see above the before photo – my mechnically blessed partner and I are gradually restoring it.  Already with just a good oiling the parts are moving much better.  Today I found and ordered a service manual with diagrams, which should be here shortly!

On Friday, as three days of rain finally began to taper off, four of us quilters headed to the quarterly VCQ meeting in Harrisonburg, VA, via route 33.  Typically I would go I64 to Staunton, then north on I81.  However, there’s a 300 year old Bur Oak in Elkton, just over the Skyline Drive, and I harbored hopes of finding acorns!  My buddies humored me and we searched all under the huge ivy-besieged tree, in the drizzle, to no avail.  Maybe next year!

Saturday the sun came out, finally!  That morning I took a fabric bowl workshop at VCQ taught by Kathleen Christy.  She was a good teacher and the class was excellent.  She provided kits, and a new sewing machine needle!  All seven of us students finished two bowls in two and a half hours.  The class was based on the books by Linda Johansen:

Earlier in the week I finished my Blue Muse project for the VCQ Minds Wide Open Challenge.  I’m very pleased with the way it came out. I turned it in yesterday, and it was well received by my fellow quilters.  Once I find out where the quilts will be exhibited, I’ll pass the word. 

Have a good Sunday – I’m off for a walk to soak up some sunshine!


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