Forest Hill Park Refurbished

The dredging of the Forest Hill Lake has been completed!  It now looks much like it did when we first moved to the area in 1972, no longer the wet land it had become.  Landscaping is still under way, with planting of a hundred or so black gums trees and grassy areas.  If you’re from the Richmond area you know that this was once the centerpiece of an amusement park, a street car destination.  The street cars were scrapped in 1949, right after they were bought by General Motors.  Forest Hill is now a quiet retreat in the midst of the city, with extensive walking and mountain bike trails and picnic shelters.  For the last two years it has also been the Summer Saturday home of the South of the James Market, which will continue til Christmas.  The Forest Hill trails connect with the Buttermilk Trail that follows the James River for several miles – lovely urban jewels.  Check them out!


2 responses to “Forest Hill Park Refurbished

  1. I often walk at Forest Hill Park at lunch. My favorite is still the paths around Reedy Creek, but the fixed up lake is now a new highlight. I can’t wait until spring to see what wildlife shows up.

    • Phil, Thanks for commenting! We lived in Woodland Heights for 17 years and I loved being bounded by Forest Hill Park, the James River, and Fonicello Park. I checked out your blog – great ideas for touring around town!

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