Sewing Machine Update and Post Card Challenge

Remember that old, rusty sewing machine from a week or so ago?  Resident Machine Master and I have it sewing like a charm!  We cleaned it up a bit, liberally applied liquid wrench and oil, rethreaded and cranked away.  It has a lovely stitch, and hums along.  The throat plates and wheel still need some attention, as well as the case – after Thanksgiving.  I found a service manual online for it, since I wanted to be sure and have a diagram available before I took apart the tension.  Fortuantely, I haven’t had to, but you never know!

Revisiting another past topic, I mailed yesterday my six-word biography postcards!  And the winner is: Surreptitiously Bottling Scavenged Scraps of Time.  I fused bottle shapes of fabric to the background material; applied small photos, fabric and real watch faces, snips of hair, and text; stitched clear vinyl over the bottle shapes; and trimmed the vinyl. The backs were printed on ink-jet prepared fusible fabric, then ironed on. I’m pleased with the way they came out – and finished a week before the deadline!


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