Ocean Morning

Here’re a few of my favorite photos from our beach retreat at Sandbridge.  I set my alarm for 6:30 am to catch the sunrise, and was very pleased (tho chilled!) with my timing.  I played a bit with writing on the sand – water’s edge was almost washed away before I could trip the shutter. 

I remembered while I was working on the Blue Muse, and taking photos along the James River, that the edge of the water is a flux point/critical juncture – the interface between one type of life and another.  Going into or onto the water, we enter a different timeframe/sequence/existence.  A bit like flying – you can’t just step out of a boat or plane and walk home.  Always an adventure – on the edge.

“God does not deduct from a man’s alloted span the time he spends on boats.”


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