Minds Wide Open and an Artist Statement

Coming up March 4th is the opening of Fantastic Fiber: A MINDS WIDE OPEN Celebration of Traditional Arts at The Arts Center in Orange.  I mention it because I’ll have at least one and possibly four pieces entered as part of the VCQ participation: The James River – My Lyric Muse (rocks in the James); Beachcoming and Morning Ocean (the recent thread sketches); and Zinnias from My Garden (zinnias in blue bottles).  The show runs thru April 30th.

For more information on Minds Wide Open, Virginia’s yearlong celebration of Women in the Arts, see http://vamindswideopen.org/.

For The Arts Center in Orange: http://artscenterinorange.wordpress.com/

In preparation for the show, I’ve written my Artist Statement.  Or at least the first iteration!  My husband, a marketing expert, and Jane Davila’s article, The Effective Artist Statement in the August/September 2009 issue of Quilting Adventures, helped it happen.  Comments welcome:

I loved my grandmother. The memories of her quilts, her extensive flower gardens, goldfish flitting through her pond, her chickens hiding eggs in the grape arbor, are alive for me in the wonderful world of fabric and color. I’ve tried for years to capture those happy, exciting days in photography, watercolor and textiles. When I see or create a piece of art that celebrates the joy of our world, at the back of my mind I feel my grandmother’s pleasure in living beauty.

In the mid 1970’s I immersed myself in the charms and techniques of photography thru classes at Virginia Commonwealth University and participation in the Richmond Camera Club, gaining valuable insight into composition and the emotional impact of a good image. Thru the 1980s I was fascinated with Sumi painting, watercolor, sketching and drawing and honed my ability to paint what I saw. In 1992 I discovered that I could use my lifelong abilities with fabric construction to quilt, and my artistic life took wing. I’ve reveled in the glories of art thru researching and developing programs on artists from Matisse to Hockney. Ansel Adams, Georgia O’Keeffe, art nouveau, the Arts and Crafts Movement have all influenced my work.

I strive to capture the tension between fleeting, ephemeral moments of natural time and the permanence of rocks, old trees, oceans of the natural world. I seek to portray nature in a way that celebrates its transitory quality with new perspective, adding texture and tactility thru fabric and layers of collage. Quilts based on photographs are my most recent voyage on this constantly changing sea.


2 responses to “Minds Wide Open and an Artist Statement

  1. Nice job on your artist statement! It’s one of my least favorite parts of the artistic process, but I learn from it every time I do it. I particularly love the first paragraph of yours – it’s really strong and evocative and helps connect your viewers with your art.

    Good luck with your show!

    • Jane, I’m so flattered that you came by my blog! The process you described for developing a statement really did make me think and helped the writing flow once I got to that step. I’ll share your comment on the first paragraph with my husband/consultant – it grew from his suggestions!

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