Book Binding…!

I’m so pleased with myself! I’ve bound two books! I found a kit at a yardsale last fall by Bandelier with all I needed – chip board for the covers, glue, brush, book block of recycled papers, and assorted odds and ends. The directions were very clear, and the glue worked great. But the must fun was coming up with the covers, before I ever got the book binding. You may recognize the sea gull from an earlier post – fabric over canvas. The other was map/napkin collage on paper, which worked better as a cover. Both, however, were acceptable. Now to come up with something really neat to do with them, and locate more supplies!


One response to “Book Binding…!

  1. Re: Bandelier (Environmental Papers). Interesting that Bandelier also made wonderful book binding kits, journals, etc. In the early 90’s we used their papers and envelopes for selling our photo notecards at art shows and galleries. We so loved their wonderful environmental and acid-free papers, which I still have some left, but, alas, the company was apparently short lived and their trademark was no longer renewed after about 1992.

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