Sweater Slippers and Valentine Fortune Cookies

Do your feet and ankles get cold in the winter? Mine do, and here’s my latest remedy – sweater slippers! I cut the arms and part of the back off an old felted sweater and sewed up some slippers. The soles are from a thrift store placemat, and the appliqued star covers one of the holes in the sweater. Nice and toasty!

Another recent project, in time for the dual holiday of Valentines and Chinese New Year, is a Valentine Fortune Cookie! You may have seen this pattern a year or so ago. I took a piece of red felt, marked it with a 4 1/2″ circle, placed a 4 1/2″ pipe cleaner in the middle, layered over it a 5″ square of valentine fabric. Then I zig zagged down the pipe cleaner, stitched around the circle, and cut out the circle with pinking shears. When you fold the pipecleaner in half, the cookie takes shape! There’s enough room for a fortune and a small candy or two.

Happy Valentines Day, and Happy Chinese New Year!!


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