New Quilts

The sewing machine has been humming! Here’re two new quilts. First is from a block exchange on the Treadle On list – all blocks were made on people powered sewing machines and came from across the US and Australia. The exchange was in 2007 – I found the fabric I wanted to set them in 2008, but then lost the blocks for six months or so. Somehow they dropped behind the couch. (feline suspect in custody) Got the top pieced before Christmas 2009, then put it away til after the holidays. Finished it this week! It has a qwillow pocket on the back so it can be folded up into a pillow, but mainly so I can tuck my feet into it for an enhanced snuggle in the evening!

The second quilt was a birthday gift for my 5 year old grandson, who’s fascinated by trains. I found the Dick and Jane panels some time ago, and thought he might be to an age where he’ll enjoy them. Both quilts are machine quilted.

Back to the studio – more interesting things on the sewing table!


One response to “New Quilts

  1. I think I can spot my block in the TOBE quilt! I might be wrong, but I’m thinking its the one at the centre top. I really like your setting – I’m not a big fan of pink and chocolate and this really makes it a different coloured quilt!

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