Spring, Toy Singer, Calendars

Finally Spring is coming to Virginia! Hubby and I drove down to Williamsbug last Wednesday and I was thrilled to see the trees budding out. Then when we got back to Richmond, I realized our trees were showing color as well! Now we even have scatterd daffodils blooming in the yard. Happy Spring, everyone!

I didn’t get a chance to visit the antique malls while I was in W’burg, so I dropped by our local one on Friday. Found this charming toy Singer hand crank sewing machine! It was a bit sticky to crank, but after a dousing of penetrating oil, its doing much better. I have a manual on the way – still seaching for 24×1 needles. If I don’t find them at my local resource, All Brands, tomorrow I have some online sources.

Found the small notebooks last year sometime at an estate sale – they’re just the right size to slip in my purse. The excitement this week was discovering that the calendars in the back for 1937 and 1938 are also good for 2010 and 2011!! Here’s a web site for checking when calendars repeat: http://www.calendarhome.com/tyc/200yearprotect.xls


One response to “Spring, Toy Singer, Calendars

  1. love your daffy new spring header!

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