Ukrops 10K – 2010

Runners have been training for months, and yesterday excitement was at a fever pitch!  The Ukrops 10K brought 37k+ ‘grown-ups’, and another 2k children, downtown to pound the pavement along Broad Street and Monument Avenue.  Sound Man and I were there – at 4:45 am, 32 degrees, lit by a waxing moon as we prepared the children’s stage for Silly Bus.  The crowd was building by 7:30, and the 10-12 year old kids were off for their 1 mile run at 8 am sharp!  8-9 wave, and 5-7 year olds followed in staggered starts.

Here’s a video of the 5-7 year olds start:

And another of the 10-12 year olds:

While my boss-for-the-day packed up, I sprinted to Broad to watch several waves of the main event start.  Sadly, we were heading home by the time our daughter and son-in-law’s wave reached the starting line around 9:45 am.  They checked in after their finish – tired but triumphant!!

So what happens next year, now that the Ukrops grocery chain has been sold to Martin’s?  Check back in 2011!


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