Recent Projects

Looking back over recent posts, it would appear that I’ve been gadding about, paying no attention to creating in the studio!  But things there have been bubbling along.  Last week in honor of Earth Day, daughter, grandkids and I made stepping stones for my garden!  It was much easier than I’d anticipated, tho there is a bit of a learning curve.  Next time I’ll be sure and press the pottery shards deeper into the ‘mud’, and remember to leave room for names and dates.

Our VCQ posties Spring fabric postcard swap is in process – theme this time is ‘peeps’.  So far I’ve received ‘Peep-eroni Pizza’, ‘Peeps made for Walking’, and ‘Family Peeps’.  My entry, ‘Hatching Marshmellows’, is developing nicely.  May actually make it into the mail next week or soon after!

Check out for more sewing adventures.

Hope your Spring is going well – bloom where you’re planted!


One response to “Recent Projects

  1. cute projects! love the stepstones! and the peeps 🙂

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