Market, Varmits, and Family

Why I should blog everyday: events get ahead of me.  Today I’m covering three events briefly, instead of one in-depth.  A sound-bite blog!

Saturday was Dan Springs Collection’s first day at the market this season – and a lovely day it was.  Everyone was in a good mood, the traffic was good, and I was in the middle of three food booths and the musicians.  Ate well, sold dolls, enjoyed!!  Come on out – Saturdays from 8am til noon thru til December 4.  I’ll be there most first and third Saturdays – check the calendar on the Dan Springs site for definitive dates.

Saturday was also my Dad’s 91st birthday!!  Sunday we celebrated with a luncheon in the Covenant Woods‘ dining room.  Daddy’s doing well, even up on the latest technology – you can see him on the cell phone in the background! I’m priviledged to be able to see both him and my mother frequently.  Wish my siblings were close enough to enjoy the same benefit.  They come as often as they can. 

Friday night the cat was reluctant to come in, and when we turned on the light we found out why.  She’d found a baby possum somewhere!  We’re not sure if she carried it on the porch, or it came up on  its own.  It was a small one, but the teeth looked just as deadly as those on an adult.  Chloe wasn’t sure what to do with it next, so we convinced her to leave it to its own devices.  Not long afterwards, it disappeared into the darkness.


One response to “Market, Varmits, and Family

  1. Mama and Daddy look great! So glad you had a nice lunch with them. The baby possum is borderline cute but they give me the willies – lucky it didn’t bite Chloe!!

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