Sweet Potatoes, Gold Fish, and Shar-peis

Yesterday the sweet potatoes went in the garden – they’d been on the window sill since November, and finally were beginning to stretch out!  I found several small ones at the Pole Green Market last fall and couldn’t resist trying then in a glass.  Now to see if they make more!

Last weekend I was pleased to visit with my brother and his family in Herndon, where they have a lovely fish pond!  I still have fond memories of my grandmother’s in Georgia.  They’ve done a really good job with it, and it’s mostly self sustaining.  They haven’t added any goldfish for several years – they breed and replenish themselves.  Very friendly fish – they come up and nibble at your fingers!

Also had a chance to meet their rescued Shar-peis, Max and Kate.  Inscrutable animals, but fun and very well behaved.


One response to “Sweet Potatoes, Gold Fish, and Shar-peis

  1. Do D&L have any other animals now or just these wrinkly critters? Yoko is into the twice annual “blow her coat-athon” – hope the vacuum holds up!

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