Project Update

So here’s the next steps with the tomato, basil and zinnia photo you saw in my last post.  Using just a portion of the image, I traced it to a Wash Away Applique sheet , fused tht sheet to muslin backed with batting, and stitched thru the sheet, muslin and batting with brown thread.  Then I washed the piece and the applique sheet dissolved away! 

The first photo shows before and after washing.  As I mentioned, the sheet washed away, however, the glue from the fusing was a bit stubborn and had to be brushed off.  Next time I’m going to try warmer water, which may help.  

Next I colored the image with fabric crayons, then ironed with a press cloth to brighten the colors.  Now I plan to do some embroidery and embellishment.

I’ve made an enlarged version of the one zinnia image – may do a fabric collage, or maybe some printing.  Hmmmm..

On another project, I made a small book from an empty wooden thread spool!  I think I saw this in Cloth Paper Scissors, but I can’t find the issue to reference.  The one in the photo is made from paper – mulberry paper as the carrier sheet, paper towel as the insert, and an old envelope piece for the closure.  I did another one as an anniversary card from fabric (which unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of), which worked better for me.  With that one I printed the message from the computer – much more legible than my chick scratches.  Good use for all the old wooden spools rolling around the studio!


One response to “Project Update

  1. Fun fun fun!!! I printed out 2 paintings I did of Devon on 11×17 paper to trace for photo quilts, but now think smaller may be better. I want to start something I can embroider on my travels, so maybe I should do one of these smaller pieces like your bottle drawing…hmmmmmm

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