Report from the West Coast

I’m here in Hanford, Cali helping out dear daughter and hubby with their new baby!  He’s sleeping several hours at a stretch, to everyone’s delight, with occasional alert periods. Such an honor to be able to hold a newborn – he’s around 7 lbs, with plenty of dark hair.  May have to make some baby quilty things soon!

My sister kindly met me at LAX and drove us over the Grapevine to the central valley – it was a hot trip, as the car’s air conditioning was overwhelmed.  We were doubly pleased to get here!  We had to laugh at the welcome we received from their koi – one even tried to climb out of the pond!!

All are doing well – Wednesday we skyped dear daughter #1 and her children so Alex could meet his cousins!  I’m being dragged willy nilly into the 21st century by my children and grandchildren!


2 responses to “Report from the West Coast

  1. good shots and I love the “Geddes” photo shoot that you pulled off – very professional! did you check out my first youtube of the koi escape attempt??

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