The Mind at Work

So how does your mind work?  Do you have the words to describe its function?  The brain – the next frontier! 

I’ve been reading Musicophilia, Tales of Music and the Brain by Oliver Sacks.  The case studies that he discusses of music as both plague and savior, and the ways it permeates all we do are fascinating.  Individuals with advanced Parkinson’s disease have experienced smoothing of gait via singing to themselves, and patients with limbs unresponsive to any other stimuli have recovered funtion thru music therapy. 

Did music or speech come first?  Do the brains of professional musicians differ from the rest of us?  Sacks touches on these questions along with many others.  I thought I was a musical type of person, until I discovered real musicians in my husband and daughter.  It seems to be a different world, or are all of us just wired a little differently?

On a slightly different topic, I was thrilled to spend some time this week with our two older grandchildren.  Only slightly differnt, as children are all about the developing mind, and Eli and Lily are often point and counterpoint.  I got my camera out to catch Lily discussing her dinosaur line-up with her mother, then turned around to find Eli absorbed in one of his puzzles.  He starts with the first piece he picks up and works outward – no reference to the picture on the box, just matches up the images.  Amazing, both of them (speaking as the grandma, of course!!)!


One response to “The Mind at Work

  1. what an interesting topic!! and such absorbed little organizers 🙂

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