It happened too fast…

As I was sitting here minding my own business at the computer, I heard some scrabbling over by the cat’s dish.  I spoke to her, but no reply – not unusual.  Then more scrabbling – hmmm.  She’s usually more surefooted than that.  So I looked over there and there was a squirrel looking back at me!  Chloe had just come into the room and was checking things out herself, and promptly took chase.  The squirrel lit out for the back door, which was open this mild morning, and fled out the cat door on the screen porch.  Think that one’s been in here before?!  May not be back again soon, we hope.

Another item that happened too fast for photos – the great peach cobbler cook-off!  Found a recipe in The Stuffed Cougar for my favorite summer treat and tried it out last week – resident taster declared it the best he’d ever had, but it didn’t compare to what I’ve had from my Georgia cousins. So I called for their approach and tried again yesterday.  Not as much sugar, cook the peaches a bit – that’s what I was looking for!  So from now on I’ve been encouraged to cook both recipes every time.  We’ll see if that happens.  Love those peaches!!


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