SOJ Market and Ashland Street Fesitval

Saturday was a glorius day here in central Virginia!  I had my best sales yet at the South of the James Market, with lots of interesting people to talk to, as scents of caramel wafted thru the autumn air.  In the fact-stranger-than-fiction category, I learned that the photographer vendor set up next to me will be leaving California to drive cross country to Virginia on I40 the same day my daughter and I start across!  So we may meet down the road!  He said he’ll be the one on the side of the highway taking pictures!

Saturday evening was the annual end-of- Summer Ashland Street Festival, featuring Ron Moody and the Centaurs.  Always a fun event, this year it was the 60th anniversary of their volunteer rescue squad.  The squad members were circulating thru the crowd passing out pieces of their delicious anniversary cake, and free balloons!

I watched one little girl, maybe a year old, trotting in circles behind her brother and sister around the dance area, each with their balloon trailing behind them.  They stopped to look up in the sky, and pointed out to their little sister a balloon that had escaped and was floating away.  The sister and brother resumed their play, as the little girl continued to look up at the balloon sailing high into the clear blue.  Then she very deliberately let hers go! 

Goodbye, Summer.


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