Coast to Coast Journals

Coast to Coast Journals

I’m working on my journals from our cross country trip and thought you might like to see them.  I couldn’t decide what format to use, so wound up with three, each of which had pros and cons. I enjoyed the watercolor paper in the larger journal, but used only a fraction of what I’d included.  The sketch paper was good for journal entries and scraps, and the graph paper worked well for notes.  Two bound-in envelopes were handy for snippets I hadn’t decided what to do with.  I never did use the tracing paper.  I’d originally thought I’d use it to make some stamps in the evenings after our days of driving – yeah, right!  On a good day I did well to make a journal entry.

The small journal was just the right size to slip in my pocket and keep track of our stops and milage.  And afterwards I’ve included photos of our trip – so it’s the most complete.  There’re still some graph paper pages I can use for notes.  I’ll probably add a summary of the trip.

The third spool journal was the coolest looking, but a bit problematic.  I liked that the pencils in the tube were always readily available, but the pages curled, and were challenging to work with.  It was fun, and easy to stow, but didn’t get much use.

If I do this again, I’ll go with the smaller, flat version.


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