VMFA, Dairy Bar, and Movieland Cinema

This past Friday I joined several of my quilting buddies as we escaped from the everyday and took in the quilt exhibit at the newly expanded Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  American Quilts: Selections from the Winterthur Collection is up thru January 2, 2011, and a treat to behold.  Unfortunately photographs are not permitted in this special exhibit, but you can see some of the images at the link given above.  The quality of the handwork reminded me of a Japanese quilt exhibit I saw here in Richmond in the 1990s.  Stitches were extremely small and the scope of the work involved in each piece suggests a much slower paced life without the distractions we deal with today.  Forty quilts are included, all constructed between 1760 and 1850.  Definately worth your time to visit.

From the Museum we traveled just a few miles to Scotts Addition for lunch at the Dairy Bar, an institution in Richmond since 1946.  It was originally a cafeteria for the Curles Neck Dairy Plant workes.  When the plant closed in the mid 1980’s, the Bar was opened to the public as a full service restaurant.  Service was prompt, and the food was delicious.  If you didn’t know it was there several blocks north of Broad Street, you’d never run across it.  Check it out!

The reason we opted for that particular location for lunch: we were going to see Secretariat at the recently (early 2009) opened 17-auditorium Bow-Tie Movieland at Boulevard Square!  The theatre location popped up online when I was looking for the closet one to the Museum. We hadn’t been there before and were pleasantly surprised by the spacious lobby, converted from a 19th century locomotive assembly plant.  We were a bit early for the wine and beer cafe tucked into a corner – we’ll have to go back!  And this time swing by the Dairy Bar for ice cream…

We wrapped up our Friday outing back at our meeting place, Quilting Adventures in Willow Lawn!


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