Happy Thanksgiving!

Fabric Thanksgiving Postcard

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  Here’s my Virginia Consortium of Quilters Postcard for our Fall Swap.  Theme was ‘print’ – in any interpretation!  So I used a handprint of our granddaughter’s to design this turkey, cut a craft foam stamp, printed it on fabric, fused it to canvas, printed the back on inkjet ready fusible material, and fused to the back. 

Looking forward to seeing lots of family in two days! I’m so thankful for our wealth of blessings.


2 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. thanks for the turkey card you sent us! how many are you hosting this year? our group is done to bare bones: just 4 mercers and sam and barb!! whit got in yesterday and is still working on her pals. bj may turn up for dinner but is in the midst of moving to points unknown to her – by Nov. 30!! Mercer is sick and no tents or gear have emerged from storage yet, but we picked up the minivan we rented and we’ll pull it together somehow.
    have a great gathering and my best to one and all!

  2. hey sis! i ave a minute but can’t access gmail or facebook here at school – long time no chat! guess you’re busy with Deb and AJ now that they are closer by. are they settling in well? I’m finished with my first quarter of masters Thursday night and have all the work done except one last reflection blog entry – we have a course blog. can’t wait to start Christmas prep: cards and baking planned for this weekend…yippee!
    biggest news is that aazam is leaving cleveland to join NAF Jan. 3!!! argh…I’m happy for her because she’s burned out with teaching, but it will be so hard filling her shoes: Gabby and I will be co-coordinators. So next semester I’ll be teaching just 4 periods and out of class doing business 5th and 6th. a large new challenge and hopefully not too stressful…
    hope your bunch is all well, and enjoying the season and being in driving distance from each other again.
    hugs, dk

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